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5 Total Warrior Myths

Posted on 11th April, 2019

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There’s lots of fake news out there these days and it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. With this in mind, we thought we’d debunk some myths which surround our events.

1. It’s just a glorified fun run.

Our 12K ‘Original’ event plays host to 25 gruelling obstacles set over, yes you guessed it, 12K! Fire, ice, mud and high-volt electrocution await those who sign up. This 12K ‘Original’ offers a greater variety and more obstacles-per-kilometre (or pain-for-your-pound) than any other race out there. If you’re after a fun-run with bouncy castles, ice cream and Olly Murrs’s quiff, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re after an event which will push both physically and mentally, you know what to do.

2. I’m too unfit to take part.

New for 2019, we have the Total Warrior Half which at 6K, is the perfect introductory distance for those who may think 12K is a bridge too far. This is untimed and offers participants a taste of Total Warrior at half the distance. This not a battle between you and the person next to you, it’s a battle against yourself and your own personal goals. Imagine a park run with a bit of mud, all your friends, 15 obstacles and a few pints at the end. 

3. It looks too dangerous, I’ll get injured.

The vast majority of our entrants come from gym and running clubs. We understand that a lot of you will be taking part in multiple events throughout the year. The last thing we want is you getting injured on our watch. Though a lot of our obstacles look extreme, accident rates at TW events are extremely low. The most common accident being a sprained ankle which could happen anywhere.

4. Cliff Richard is headlining the after party

Our social media Warrior went rogue on April Fools days announcing Sir Cliff Richard will be headlining the TW afterparty in Leeds. This is indeed false as Sir Cliff is booked for a Tough Mudder event that weekend. Yet another reason to choose Total Warrior.

5. I’ll sign up on the day.

Trainees with events in the calendar are much more likely to stick to their fitness schedules. Take the initiative and get signed up today, you’ll also be saving yourself up to 30 big ones. Many of the wave times are also due to be sold out by event day so again, save yourself the disappointment and get signed up asap.

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